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                1. Mode Of Transport热竞技hot88官方网址,hot88

                  Provide door - to - door self - pick-up and express delivery.。


                  The door to the

                  We provide delivery service in Hong Kong and home delivery service in China.


                  1、Hong Kong self-extraction

                  After receiving the notice message, the user shall carry the letter of authorization to pick up the goods with the contract seal.

                  Address: Hong Kong delivery address please contact online customer service

                  Pick-up time: Monday to Saturday: 10:00~18:00 (lunch time: 13:30~14:30)


                  2、Domestic self-extraction

                  1) after receiving the delivery notice, the user shall bring the sales order contract with the seal of the company/contract and pick up the goods at the following address.

                  2) if the self-lifting goods exceed the size of 60cm*40cm*10cm, sf express will be sent by default. Please check the logistics information at the member center.

                  Huaqiang north self-lifting point:

                  To the address:_______________________________________________________________。

                  Contact number:___________________

                  Pick up time:Monday to Saturday 14:30-17:30



                  Courier delivery

                  Express delivery can be delivered to the designated Hong Kong/domestic address. Before 17:30 on Monday to Friday, FedEx is the default choice for logistics in Beijing, Shanghai, jiangsu and zhejiang, while sf express is used for other time periods and special circumstances. If you want to check the logistics status, please go to the member center for checking


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